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The latest content July 2018

Published: Thursday, 31 May 2018

SEN Leader issue 23 is now online! Premium Plus subscribers can now access all the articles, toolkits and back issues as well as exclusive content. 


Take learning outdoors

A day in the life: Integrative therapist

SEN and the governor: Part one

SEND Tribunal: National trial update

Reviewing your SEN register

Who is accountable?

Creating a communication-friendly school

Teaching sequences: Four steps to take

Sexual violence and harassment between pupils

Premium Plus articles

Helping children overcome school refusal @

Practical ways to implement GDPR @


Checklist - Ten top tips to take learning outdoors

Checklist - Make learning stick

Checklsit - Teaching transfer

Form - SEND audit

Worked example - Audting your SEND list

Form - Auditing your SEND list

Checklist - Being accountable to parents

Checklsit - Responsibiltiies of the SEND named governor

Handout - SEND jargon-buster for governors

Checklist - SEND information to publish

Checklist - SEND Tribunal: Will the national trial impact on your appeal?

Form - Questionnaire for staff: Sexual harassment

Premium Plus Toolkits

Checklist - How communication-friendly is your school (teaching and learning)? @

Handout - Helping children overcome school refusal: Creating a mood journal @

Form - Helping children overcome school refusal: Sample mood journal @

Form - Helping children overcome school refusal: Goal setting @

Checklist - Data breaches: RAG monitoring and action @

Checklist - Ensuring GDPR compliance: The 10-step checklist @

Worked example - Improving your school's approach to sexual harassment @


Q. We are struggling to get the speech and language support that our children need.  Do you have any advice?

Q. I am concerned that pressure to improve our exam results is leading to some of our students demonstrating eating disorders.  What should I do?

Q. We have a child with SEND who is now refusing to come to school. How can we help her?