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The latest content April 2020

Published: Friday, 28 February 2020

The April 2020 online update to SEN Leader Magazine is now available. Premium Plus subscribers can now access this extra, exclusive content online.


SEND report: Is SEND provision in crisis?

A methodology for observing learning

Leadership: Transactional vs transformational

Supporting children with asthma and allergies in schools

Addressing attachment needs

Challenging presumed competence

Selecting mental health interventions

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Building relationships with parents @

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Worked example – Allergies good practice checklist

Form – Allergies good practice checklist

Handout – Allergies

Form – The individual healthcare plan

Form – Lesson visit

Checklist – Learning walk

Form – Reflection on leadership actions

Form – Pupil safety plan

Handout – Healthy coping strategies and alternatives to self-harm

Form – Mental health, behaviour and attendance: A strategy planning tool for staff discussion

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Form – Template home-school agreement @

Handout – How to build positive relationships with parents @

Handout – Implementing the Ofsted changes: curriculum intent @


Q. Our school has a clear behaviour policy and we always address any bullying issues that are raised. However, I am concerned about some of the language used towards pupil with SEND by their peers. How should we deal with this?

Q. I am concerned about SEN support in our school. Much of my time is taken with EHC plans and I find it difficult to monitor how well pupils with lower levels of need are being supported. What can I do?

Q. I have a student with an allergy to fish and seafood. I am concerned that his parents seem to be keeping him at home more and more. I recognise their anxiety but how can he make progress when he misses so much school?